‘Fortnite’ Adds Lightsabers After Event With ‘Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker’

'Fortnite' Adds Lightsabers After Event With 'Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker'

'Fortnite' Adds Lightsabers After Event With 'Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker'

You may have seen Fortnite’s Star Wars event that included the Rise of Skywalker and a virtual appearance of director J.J. Abrams. What people are mostly interested in, however, is the new lightsabers and blasters added to the game. To use these lightsabers and blasters players must locate special Star Wars crates located around the map. Once the crates are found you can arm yourself like a Jedi or Sith in battle. 

Players can also participate in Stars Wars-based challenges and unlockables including a Jedi training mode. Epic has also released the TIE whisper glider to every player not just attendees from the event due to high demand leading to trouble lading up the game. 

The Star Wars and Fortnite collaboration suggests that in-game high-profile events like this one will happen again. It is no surprise that Fortnite is developing connections with advertisers and other entertainment groups who seek to tap into the game’s gigantic player base. If companies are looking to attract a large audience of young people, Fortnite has that in abundance. 

Events like this helps to keep users coming back even after they’ve enjoyed the seasonal goodies. The real question is whether Fornite can keep players interested in the basics of the game while including new additions as well. Some players have stopped playing the game due so many changes while some players play the game more because of new additions and theme such as this one. Finding the best balance of the two will bring the most success to Epic’s Fortnite. 


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