WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Unleashes 2nd Trailer For ‘Free Guy’

WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Unleashes 2nd Trailer For 'Free Guy'

WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Unleashes 2nd Trailer For 'Free Guy'

Who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds? Sure, the Canadian-American actor has starred in some duds, like Green Lantern, X-Men Origins, R.I.P.D and Self/Less, but since 2016’s Deadpool, Reynolds has been on top of the world. After portraying the titular character in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Reynolds has returned to the world of video games with the latest trailer for his upcoming movie, Free Guy.

In the film, Reynolds, who is also a producer for the flick, plays Guy, an NPC in an open-world video game who has started to become self-aware. Thus, Guy becomes a viral sensation across the world and is also seen as a threat by one of the game publishers, played by Thor Ragnarock director Taika Waititi. Now, Guy must team up with two of the games programmers, played by Jodi Comer (Killing Eve) and Joe Keery (Stranger Things), to save his world.

Directed by Night at the Museum‘s Shawn Levy, the film will arrive in theaters on December 11. It was originally set for release on July 3 but was pushed back due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. No information has been released if the film will be made available digitally.

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