Wolverine Comes To ‘Fortnite’

Wolverine on Fortnite

Wolverine on Fortnite

He’s the best at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice. Everyone’s favorite merry mutant with metal claws and a healing factor is making his way to Fortnite. As part of a crossover with some of Marvel’s greatest heroes, Fortnite has made several Marvel characters playable in the worldwide phenomenon. Some of the characters already included Iron Man, Groot, Rocket Racoon, Thanos, She-Hulk, Dr. Doom and fellow mutants Storm and Mystique.

As with other guest characters, you’ll need to do to unlock the Wolverine Skin is to defeat the Clawed Mutant somewhere between the Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp. You’ll need to make sure you land the killing blow, or someone else will get the skin. Once that’s unlocked, you’ll have access to Wolverine-themed Emitocons and Banners. You’ll also gain access to challenges that allow you to obtain special skins and weapons revolving around Wolverine.

Fortnite is currently in the fourth chapter of its second season.

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