‘Yoshi’s Crafted World’ Review Roundup: A Charming ‘Yoshi’ Sequel

Yoshi's Crafted World art

Yoshi's Crafted World art (Nintendo)

Nintendo’s well-known for their contributions to platforming, and it’s a genre the Kyoto-based company will soon explore again in Yoshi’s Crafted World for the Nintendo Switch. Mario’s pal is an iconic hero in his own right, starring in his own series of side-scrollers that ranges in qualityCrafted World‘s the sequel to the Wii U’s Yoshi’s Woolly World, and Good-feel was the developer behind both games.

As it stands, it appears Good-feel hasn’t lost its touch, as Crafted World‘s currently sitting at a respectable 81 on Metacritic. So far the title has earned 32 positive reviews and five mixed reviews, many praising the game for its strong art direction. None of the reviews as of this writing are negative.

Praise is currently being awarded to the game’s enjoyable (if fairly easy) campaign, with GameSpot‘s Kallie Plagge writing, “Yoshi’s Crafted World is at its best when it’s relaxing and pleasant. The 2D-to-3D level design keeps you curious while the go-at-your-own-pace approach keeps the pressure off and leaves you to appreciate the small, imaginative details.” While she laments how some of the game’s most compelling concepts aren’t as developed as they could be, she concludes that Crafted World is a great title nonetheless.

IGN‘s Tom Marks echoed the sentiment, saying, “Yoshi’s Crafted World is an engaging and charming platformer that is absolutely worth playing, but it misses a clear opportunity to be more than that by not taking full advantage of its most clever ideas.” Jordan Oloman of GamesRadar+ agreed, although he was somewhat harsher on Crafted World for failing to live up to its potential, summarizing, “Yoshi’s Crafted World doesn’t use its clever conceit as well as it should or weave a poignant story, but it’s still a solid and accessible Nintendo platformer.”

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