16-Year-Old “Bugha” Wins ‘Fortnite’ World Cup, Taking Home $3 Million


Fortnite (Epic Games)

Kyle Giersdorf, a 16-year-old kid who is above average at Epic GamesFortnite to say the least, became an instant millionaire on Sunday after he won the Fornite World Cup, taking home $3 million. Giersford, also known by his gamertag “Bugha,” made instant eSports history at the Fortnite World Cup in New York City at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Bugha was really in the lead throughout the entire event. He won the first match and chose to never look back after that. He was nearly doubling the points than the player in the second place, and he finally realized what he accomplished after the sixth match, with a small grin on his face.

Bugha started the first game with a whopping nine eliminations. When the final game came, he was well ahead, up 15 points ahead of second place, with 18 kills under his belt.

“The first game, the nerves were a little bit there,” Giersdorf said, according to ESPN. “But after that I eased in and realized that I could really take this home if I focused up.”

More of the recognizable names were in the solo competition, as well. Tfue finished 67th place out of 100, whole Bizzle, or Timothy Miller, finished 23rd. But in the end, Bugha was absolutely dominating the event.

Fortnite creators Epic Games said in the beginning of 2019 that they were going to invest around $300 million in prize pool money for upcoming tournaments for their battle royale game. This tournament alone had a $40 million prize pool to split amongst the top placers in the competition, with Bugha taking home the biggest slice of the pie. Just the top 100 players of the elimination game were in placement of take a percentage of the $40 million prize pool. According to Verge, the next Fortnite tournament will accommodate a $30 million prize pool for multiple placements throughout the tournament.

Moreover, Epic Games is still working on Fortnite‘s tenth season, which is coming soon.

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