‘8-Bit Bayonetta’ Released On Steam, Teases Something

While Google Maps was hosting Ms. Pac-Man on April Fool’s Day, SEGA was giving their beloved heroine the spotlight: 8-Bit Bayonetta was uploaded to Steam. Could this be foreshadowing something?


Originally a flash game, 8-Bit Bayonetta strips the titular protagonist down to two of her bare essentials: jumping and shooting. The latter serves as her only means of defense against the unholy angels. Fittingly, the action is accompanied by a chip-tune rendition of Bayonetta’s theme song, “Mysterious Destiny.”

8-Bit has 16 achievements, all of which depict portions of her iconic pose from her debut title. Furthermore, one of them links to a countdown on SEGA’s website. Personally, I expect this will lead into Bayonetta getting a Steam re-release. (Bayonetta 2, however, is unlikely to join it.)

Speaking as a fan, I would be pleased if it does. While I don’t have a gaming-caliber PC, Bayonetta is a phenomenal title. The more people who get to play it, the better!

And, in the meantime, we can dance to a free download of 8-Bit Bayonetta.

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