Nintendo eShop’s New April 6, 2017 Releases

Nintendo isn’t the big gaming-related story today, but today is still a Thursday. Thus, Nintendo fans have new games to enjoy on the Switch, Wii U and 3DS family.


LEGO CITY Undercover was originally a Wii U-exclusive, but it’s migrated over to other consoles, including the Switch. Chase McCain is our lead, and he’s got his work cut out for him. Rex Fury, a criminal mastermind, has escaped from jail to terrorize the city’s 20 districts! It’s up to you to save Lego City in this family-friendly sandbox title. You can play simultaneously with a friend, too.

Graceful Explosion Machine is a stylish side-scroller in which you man the titular Graceful Explosion Machine starship. Gun your way through the surrealistic alien worlds and return home!

Just Dance 2017 launched alongside the Switch, and now a demo is available if you need a taste.

World Sports Competition and Super Star Soldier join the venerable Wii U Virtual Console. Whether you want to participate in 18 Olympic events or pilot an overhead spaceship, the TurboGrafx-16 will cater to you.

Here’s everything Nintendo released on the eShop this week:

Nintendo Switch


  • ACA NEOGEO ALPHA MISSION II (Hamster, $7.99)
  • Graceful Explosion Machine (Vertex Pop, $12.99)
  • LEGO CITY Undercover (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, $59.99 – also available at retail)
  • Vroom in the Night Sky (POISOFT, $9.99)


  • Just Dance 2017 (Ubisoft, free)

Wii U


  • Animal Gods (Still Games, $12.80)
  • Super Star Soldier (Konami, $5.99 – originally for the TurboGrafx-16)
  • World Sports Competition (Konami, $5.99 – originally for the TurboGrafx-16)

Nintendo 3DS


  • Dragon Sinker (KEMCO, $9.99)

New Nintendo 3DS


  • Pinball Breakout (nuGAME, $7.00)

Nothing listed above catches your attention? Check out what’s on sale. My Nintendo received a few Fire Emblem-themed discounts, too.

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