Adventure Time Crosses Over With ‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Come on, grab your friends and journey to the very messed-up lands of Immortals Fenyx Rising. Along with the oddball characters featured in Ubisoft’s last big game of 2020, Finn the Human and his homie, Jake the Dog, traveled from the distant Land of Ooo to make a special appearance in a short film. This week, Ubisoft has teamed up with Warner Bro’s Animation to release a minute-long short advert to help hype Immortals Fenyx Rising that features the main leads of the animated show, Adventure Time.

In it, we see Finn and Jake (both played by actors Jeremy Shade and John DiMaggio) lost in Immortals’ take on ancient Greece before the evil Cerberus attacks them. Our heroes try their best, with Jake shapeshifting into a Cerberus and Finn using his trademark yellow sword, but they are quickly overwhelmed by the Three-Headed Dog Demon. But, luckily for the Heroes from Ooo, Fenyx is there to save the day. After Finn asks if she is a princess, Fenyx scoffs and flies away.

Immortals Fenyx Rising will arrive on all major platforms, plus Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, on December 3. A 4-Part special for Adventure Time, Distant Lands, is currently streaming on HBO Max, with the second episode set to arrive on November 19.

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