Anticipated ‘Doom’ Sequel Announced During E3: ‘Doom Eternal’

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal (Bethesda Softworks)

The successful 2016 shooter Doom is getting a sequel: Doom Eternal. At this year’s E3, the Doom franchise is confirmed to be continuing. Much like its precursor, Doom Eternal is all fast-paced combat with a first-person view that the franchise grew upon. The firepower, demon enemies and new composed track list are all there for this upcoming sequel.

Doom Eternal continues its track of signature gory violence with your main character battling all sorts of monsters down in caves, and up top on skyscrapers. Powerful efficiency and satisfying deaths are coated in Doom Eternal. The game travels at a breakneck speed with explosions and powerful blades that the predecessor built its foundation on.

Doom Eternal is the next game for Bethesda and is set to arrive on all consoles, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and the Nintendo Switch on November 22. It is unconfirmed whether it will be on Google’s new streaming service, Stadia. Bethesda also showed their new multiplayer mode that will be featured in Doom Eternal called Battlemode. In this new mode, two players can co-op against one player as a Doom Slayer who is fully-armed.

Like any other major release, Doom Eternal has a collector’s edition. Sadly it is already sold out in multiple locations. With the collectors edition, you get an exclusive steel book case, a wearable Doom Slayer helmet, a cassette taped filled with Mick Gordon‘s Doom track list and soundtrack. There is also a book filled with deeper Doom lore. The exclusive collector’s edition is $200.

According to Polygon, Game director Marty Stratton confirmed that there will be single player DLC in the new sequel.

“Absolutely,” Stratton said, according to Polygon. “We love that people are still playing the game,” said Stratton, “and on their 20th time through the campaign or doing a speed run or, you know, maxing out all of their guns or whatever. And [we want to give] people more reasons to come back, whether it’s Invasion, or DLC, it’s really important to us.”

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