Bethesda Announces New Battle Royale Update For ‘Fallout 76’ During E3

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 (Bethesda Softworks)

When Fallout 76 originally released, it did not do well. Patches were required on a weekly bases, multiple customers canceled their pre-orders and Bethesda was scrambling to make any money they could off the game, bringing the price down to $30 just weeks into the release. But at E3, they are trying to make amends for their latest release in the Fallout universe. Bethesda has added more quests that were severely lacking upon the game’s original release, and now are adding a battle royale mode, as well as the much antiquated NPC’s that made the older Fallout games so interactive.

“When we think about games, we think about worlds, and the choices you can make, the stories you create and tell yourself,” Todd Howard said, according to Polygon during Fallout 76’s reveal during last year’s E3. “We have a game, more than any game that we’ve ever done, where the choices are yours, where you’ll decide what happens. You’ll decide the heroes, and you’ll decide the villains.”
In this year’s E3, they’ve announced the new battle royale mode, Nuclear Winter. Unlike Fortnite’s 100 players and Apex Legends 60 players, Nuclear Winter will hold 52 players to battle against the storm to fight to be the one winner left. Players can join with their friends in teams or play solo. Players get to choose their starting point, just like any other battle royale mode. To spice it up, players will be invisible upon spawning to help install yourself into the game.

Just like any other battle royale, there is a closing zone. This one is a nuclear firestorm that makes the map smaller over a selected time. Weapons and armor have been shifted for the PvP version of this game compared to the original survival mode. Like other battle royales, users will obtain gear and weapons from containers placed throughout the map. There will be airdrops and progress resets after every Nuclear Winter match.

Nuclear Winter can help you obtain XP and caps for the original adventure mode.

Players can build in the map during Nuclear Winter, using the CAMP software that is in survival mode. CAMP mode may be overpowered, so Bethesda has installed mini-nukes in the game to help cancel players that sit in one spot for too long.

The Nuclear Winter update is set to be available on June 17.

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