Fortnite’s Week Five Challenges Are Out, New 9.20 Update Contains New ‘Storm Flip’ Item


Fortnite (Epic Games)

Fortnite’s week five challenges have arrived for Season 9, which means there are new ways to earn Battle Stars. In this week’s challenges, you have to deal a certain amount of damage using only grenades, stink bombs and/or dynamite. You also have to search seven chests in Frosty Flights or Salty Springs. Then, you have to eliminate just one opponent in five different games.

There has also been a new downloadable update, titled 9.20. In this update, it introduces a brand new item into the game, called the Storm Flip. It essentially creates a sphere of safety when inside the storm, and creates a circle of the storm inside the safe zone when thrown. This new item has caused a new aspect of the game players need to look out for, but also has caused some major issues with the game.

Epic says that the Storm Flip was created to help stop the boring, rather slow endgame fights that always come at the end of a Battle Royale. It is banned from competitive competitions as of now. There are certain problems with the new Storm Flip, as when thrown, it creates an immense amount of damage to people in the radius and can be quite overpowered. Also, its basically impossible to tell where you’re going and what is going on when inside the Storm Flip. The Storm Flip has caused quite the chaos in-game.

Epic believed this would be a problem when it was released, but has kept it in normal games, while the World Cup qualifiers will continue to have this item banned, as the skill level with the item is too drastic and game-changing for the final moments of a game. Epic Games has been known to keep their game at a balance for the most part, and will likely be looking into the item to make tweaks to make it more playable.


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