Apple Unveils The iPhone 11 Series, Discusses Prices & Features

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 (Apple)

Apple‘s products are known to be expensive, but the hardware titan is making an effort to rectify that with its next smartphone. As confirmed during Apple’s conference yesterday, the upcoming iPhone 11 will retail for $699, making it the cheapest iPhone launch since the iPhone 8 in 2017. That, of course, still isn’t cheap, but it is an attempt to improve the smartphone series’ pricing model following the iPhone’s slump in sales.

Those favoring Apple’s mobile phones probably didn’t expect the company to drop its prices again last year, considering the iPhone XR cost $749. Notably, the XR holds the record for being the most expensive entry-level iPhone iteration yet. However, Apple has yet to reduce their entry-level prices to match their pricing models from 2010 to 2016, when most entry-level machines cost $649. In 2009, a basic iPhone cost $599, whereas they went for $499 in 2007 and 2008.

Three iPhone 11 Models To Choose From

A Pro iteration of the iPhone 11 will also be available, and it will cost $999. Anyone seeking the most luxurious take on the eleventh iPhone can purchase the $1,449 iPhone 11 Pro Max. Their batteries have received some extra longevity; the Pro’s battery lasts four more hours than last year’s iPhone X while the Max’s lasts five.

Those yearning for the eleventh numerical iPhone will find that improving its camera was a top priority for Apple. Apple’s forthcoming smartphone sports a dual-camera system, and its higher-end models contain a triple-camera setup. Pro users will also gain a more advanced telephoto lens, allowing for greater digital and optical zooming. Otherwise, the iPhone 11 cameras are surprisingly uniform and will share their ameliorations, such as the Night mode. Regrettably, the iPhone 11 family will forsake a USB-C port for a Lightning one.

All iterations of the iPhone 11 will hit stores on Sept. 20. Fans eager to ensure they procure one can pre-order their smartphone on Sept. 13. In addition to the phones themselves, Apple also unveiled details on its upcoming subscription services, such as the Apple TV+ and Arcade.

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