‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Is a Battle Royale Game That Can Rival ‘Fortnite’

Call Of Duty: Warzone (Image courtesy of Activision)

Call Of Duty: Warzone (Image: Activision)

Sometime back in 2017, Fortnite became a cultural revolution for gamers everywhere. Never before had a battle royale game been released for free. In fact, no game like Fortnite had ever been made before. Maybe that’s why the battle royale genre has been popular for the last few years or so.

Apex Legends and PubG were battle royale games that enhanced and popularized the genre. The games were always free to play, but the cosmetics of the characters are where these companies make a majority of their profits. In just 2019 alone, Fortnite generated over $2 billion. Call of Duty, a game that’s premise is similar to other battle royale games, needed to enter the profitable marketplace.

Many of the game’s features were unintentionally leaked out over the last few weeks. The map size and location was revealed, in-game tactical equipment such as masks were leaked out, and even some audio was released to curious internet researchers. Even after the game’s ‘surprise’ release, most fans are still more than happy with the time already spent logged onto the game.

If you’re seeking gameplay footage, go onto Twitter or Twitch right now. You’ll see dozens of streamers playing the game for the first time, right now. If you want to try it out for yourself, the game is available to be downloaded onto the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

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