‘MLB The Show 20’ Could be Last Baseball Game Made For PlayStation 4

'MLB The Show 20'

'MLB The Show 20'

It’s time to dust off those gloves and get back out onto the field, as MLB The Show is once again, exclusively coming back to the PlayStation. The game won’t be adding in garbage-can-banging features, but an assortment of gameplay improvements have been added into the game.

Graphics and stadium detail aren’t exactly enhanced or anything like that, but just wait until it’s (probably) sold on the PS5 next year. For now though, we can all just appreciate this marvelous franchise for one final time on our PS4s.

One major gameplay improvement that’s being added into the game, revolves around making outfielders first reactions more realistic. My old baseball coach always used to tell me, your first steps should always be backwards when in the outfield. In MLB The Show 20, outfielders will finally be assessing pop flies, and taking more realistic approaches to baseballs. Outfielders will finally behave as actual baseball players do in real life. Players in the outfield will finally look more realistic.


Even line-drive catching mechanisms have been improved on, as now there is a much greater risk involved with diving at a line-drives that are raining down from the sky. This way, both the players and the baseball develop granularity for the game, as every pop-fly and ball hit to the outfield will result in a unique fielding animation for all players.

Outfielders have also been given a ‘throw home’ button, which performs the action of throwing home. If players happen to nail the ‘throw home spectrum’ right in the green, middle part; the outfielder will be throwing a perfect toss, for the catcher to easily field.

With over 700 new gameplay animations, Sony wants to reward players with a more immersive and interactive experience that truly exemplifies the overall stats of the players.

The most important added feature is not the gameplay, but just the inclusion of Minor League Baseball teams. This way, fans can finally play alongside actual prospects that will be on Major League Teams someday. Alternatively, users can now take players like Tim Tebow and bring him into the MLB, if they really choose to do so.

MLB The Show is now available on PlayStation 4 only.

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