‘Fortnite’ Season 2, Episode 2 Unleashes Big Updates!

Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite is no stranger to adding new elements into the game. They’ve added everything you could’ve ever possibly thought of: new locations, new skins, new maps altogether, weapons, light-sabres, and so much more. If you thought Fortnite was out of creative ideas, then you’re totally wrong and you know nothing about Fortnite‘s culture and status in the grand scheme of video gaming.

In the new episode, there are two new locations available to players. Two new bases are being inserted into the map and they will be filled with loot. Unfortunately, these areas will be dominated by NPCs, so users will have to team up and work hard if they wish to loot them. Epic Games added in a new feature for players. After gamers have defeated the NPCs, they will be given a ‘temporary superpower’ such as being able to see chests (they are also called loot boxes) through walls.


Up to six brand new characters will be debuting onto the game as well. Some of these skins include a character who is a half-spy, half-banana, as well as a Calico Cat that has human features that go from the neck down to its feet. One popular character has not been confirmed yet for the game, but has been featured in a battle-pass trailer. The antihero Deadpool is seen for the last seven seconds, at the end of this trailer posted by Fortnite‘s official Twitter page.

The C4 and grapple will be added back into the game. This comes in addition to a ‘throw-able canister’ which deals an incredible amount of damage, as well as the ‘Creeping Cardboard,’ which acts similarly to the bush that players were able to camouflage themselves with.

Fortnite‘s Team Rumble feature also saw a significant revamping. The mode which allows users to form four teams of 25, is allowing for a fifth team to enter the game. Now, 125 players are able to battle at the same time, on a variety of different consoles.

The last and most important feature – which is my own personal outlandish opinion – is the port-a-potty add-on. When a user enters a clean, blue port-a-potty, the player will be randomly transferred to another part of the map, not located in the storm. Using the toilet in a video game has never had as much purpose as it does now.

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