‘Days Gone’ New 1.25 Update & Weekly Challenges

Days Gone (Photo: Sony)

Days Gone (Photo: Sony)

SIE Bend Studios has enjoyed success with their title, Days Gone, as it continues to be updated and has been moving in the right direction for the past few months. There is a new update out, and SIE Bend Studios says it decided to release a small patch to fix bugs. The 1.25 patch is 16 GB, and it implements new weekly challenges called “Drifter’s Run.”

SIE Bend Studios has been relentless in terms of their support for Days Gone, which can be considered a curse and a blessing. On one end, they have done a great job listening to consumer feedback, implementing tidbits here and there to better the game, but there are constant 15+ GB updates. Like Epic GamesFortnite, both games take up a ton of space. Anyways, here are the details in this new 1.25 patch:

Here are the details regarding the “Drifter’s Run” weekly challenges. It is their first challenge involving the new bike. The requirements are:

  • Gather all bandages near the harsh volcanic area of the Crater Lake
  • Avoid Freakers, the Horde, and houses on fire to gather all bandages as fast as possible and drive through the finish line.
  • Use available ramps to score points to earn extra XP. Use your Nitrous boost

The challenges will remain available until completed, even after they release more challenges in other weeks.

Past the challenges, here are the bug fixes and updates that are included in 1.25:

  • Awareness of NPCs have been adjusted (not said if it’s worse or better)
  • Nest is able to repopulate properly even after you were killed next to it
  • Bolts that are crafted are shown as the correct number
  • Survival Vision of enemy outlines are fixed during Survival Mode
  • “Dead Don’t Ride” custom design accent should be in the Mechanic’s menu

Days Gone, the adventure survival horror PlayStation 4 exclusive is available now, and is available for as low as $39,99.

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