‘Destiny 2’ Players Have Found A Farming Glitch Just By Being AFK

Destiny 2: Forsaken - The Revelry

Destiny 2: Forsaken - The Revelry (Bungie)

A new Destiny 2 “glitch” has been discovered that allows you to farm materials while basically sitting away from your keyboard. We are going to tell you how to farm unlimited Gunsmith materials and shards while hoping developer Bungie Studios keeps their head down and decides not to remove this trick in a future update.

All you basically need to do is put all of them into one of your forges. Once that is done, leave the game while running. It isn’t the most efficient farming method, but you can quit out of the game once you sign off for the night. You’ll get a couple of mats with every run, and spawn in when you place next with a stack of resources just shy of the five digits.

You can use this same method with Data Lattice and Dusklight Shards, using these materials to break down into unlimited Legendary Shards. If you don’t know, these Legendary Shards can be substituted out for other mats and currency, as well as the Spider in the Tangled Shore. Tribute Hall pricing will be easily combated by the opening of Emperor Claus on Nessus. We won’t tell you what’s right from wrong, but these tactics in fact leave less area in the lobby for those who are actually attempting to finish the games or quests the right way. If you don’t mind inhumane activities, here is a YouTube video furthering the explanation of how to do these farming techniques:

According to Destiny 2‘s matchmaking system, they place players with similar power levels in the same lobbies. If you use the farming technique and you are still at a low level, you’ll have a tough time completing this activity. High-level farmers are hopping into these farms with the worst gear possible to later ensure that you will have a low power level, but not too low because you won’t be able to complete it.

With the new Shadowkeep DLC coming in a few short months, high-level players are preparing and stocking up for materials.

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