‘Dishonored’ Co-Creator Is Working An New IP

'Dishonored' (Image: Courtesy of Bethesda)

'Dishonored' (Image: Courtesy of Bethesda)

Harvey Smith, the Dishonored series’ co-creator, is working on new IP with Arkane Studios. In a recent interview with the Spanish website Vandel, Smith said that he is not working on Arkane’s upcoming title, Deathloop, but something else entirely. “I’m not on Deathloop, I’m on something else, working with the guys who made Dishonored and Prey,” Smith said. As to what that game will be, Smith did not go into details, but he has been working on it at Arkane’s Austin division after working on Dishonored 2 for four-years at the company’s HQ in Lyon, France.

Whatever the new IP will be, the game will be published by Microsoft, after the company purchased Bethesda Software last year for over $7 billion. When talking about the Microsoft purchase, Smith said that he hasn’t noticed much change in the company. “I think the process is still unfolding, I can’t say much about it because I don’t know much either,” Smith said. “I would say there has been no change at Arkane so far, but if I were to imagine the ideal partner, thinking of all the publishers and the people I know who work for them, it would be very, very difficult to find a better partner for Bethesda than Microsoft. They fit perfectly.”

Arkane Studios’ next game, Deathloop, is set for release on May 21, 2021, on PS4 and PC.

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