Empoleon Surfs Into ‘Pokkén Tournament’

Pokkén Tournament is a fighting game starring some of the most marketable Pokémon. Bandai Namco, Pokkén’s developer, has continued to support the spin-off’s arcade release with new fighters, and the fourth newcomer has been officially announced. So, who’s that (totally unexpected) Pokémon? It’s… Empoleon!

Empoleon, a dual Water/Steel type, has brought with it a moveset showcasing its affinity for the sea. Ice Beam makes an appearance, too, which is a move befitting of the regal penguin.

Japanese arcades will receive the Emperor Pokémon on December 15.

Empoleon debuted in Pokémon‘s fourth generation, as Piplup’s final evolution. Piplup was the requisite Water starter in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, so I imagine many Trainers finished their Sinnoh journey with an Empoleon. Furthermore, the classy, flightless bird species enjoyed considerable air time in the Diamond & Pearl anime series, primarily under Barry’s ownership.

There’s still no confirmation if Pokkén’s four DLC characters will remain locked to Japanese arcades. However, I personally expect them to immigrate to a more assessable platform, but we’ll keep you posted as new information develops.

Will you battle with the emperor by your side?

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