Explore ‘Borderland 3’ As Four New Vault Hunters This Fall


Borderlands (Gearbox)

On Wednesday, developer Gearbox and publisher 2K confirmed when the hotly-anticipated Borderlands 3 would finally drop, and it’s scheduled for Sept. 13. It will grace the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC platforms, although it will be limited to the Epic Games Store on the latter until April 2020.

In addition, Gearbox uploaded a trailer for their action title, showcasing the Vault Hunters and their antagonists, the Calypso Twins. The studio also opened up about the four new playable Hunters, describing their abilities and classifications:

  • Moze as The Gunner: When Moze needs backup, she digistructs her mech – Iron Bear – for a sucker punch of additional firepower.

  • Amara as The Siren: A confident, capable brawler with the ability to summon ethereal fists, Amara uses her Siren powers to smash her enemies.

  • FL4K as The Beastmaster: FL4K lives for the hunt. So do the loyal beasts that follow their master’s every command. Their preferred prey? Unsuspecting bandits, those poor suckers.

  • Zane as The Operative: Specializing in battlefield gadgetry, Zane is extremely proficient at slipping into combat, creating chaos, and sneaking back out as if he were never there.

According to Gearbox, “new worlds beyond Pandora” will be accessible for exploration and ripe for looting. And the series’ affinity for firearms remains as strong as ever, with guns capable of spawning shields, volcanos, and limbs. The latter firearm will then walk up to its target and insult them verbally.

Additionally, Borderlands 3 will deploy a new level syncing system that will ease players’ abilities to play together regardless of their story progress.

Gearbox and 2K have four different editions of the game planned, according to their fact sheet. Which one will you purchase?

Standard Edition ($59.99)

The Borderlands 3 standard edition includes the base game.

  • Pre-order bonus: Gold weapon skins & weapon trinket.

Deluxe Edition ($79.99)

The Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition includes the base game, as well as bonus digital content:

  • Retro Cosmetic Pack: Vault Hunter head & skin, Echo Device skin, weapon skin;
  • Neon Cosmetic Pack: Vault Hunter head & skin, Echo Device skin, weapon trinket;
  • Gearbox Cosmetic Pack: weapon skin, weapon trinket;
  • Toy Box Weapon Pack: Two Toy guns, Toy grenade mod, weapon trinket
  • XP & Loot Drop Boost Mods;
  • Pre-order bonus: Gold weapon skins & weapon trinket.

Super Deluxe Edition ($99.99*)

The Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition includes all the bonus digital content and pre-order bonus of the Deluxe Edition plus the Borderlands 3 Season Pass, which includes:

  • Four campaign downloadable content packs featuring new stories, missions and challenges;
  • Butt Stallion weapon skin, weapon trinket, and grenade mod.

*Limited Time Pricing – Starting September 17, 2019, the digital version of Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition will update to the full MSRP of $119.99 USD.

Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition ($249.99)

Celebrate the return of the original shooter-looter with the Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition, a swag-splosion of collectibles digistructed straight from the worlds of Borderlands 3–available at GameStop.

This edition includes the full game, season pass, and all bonus digital content and pre-order bonus of the Super Deluxe Edition, plus:

  • Diamond Loot Chest Replica: Featuring a functional retractable lid, this chest is perfect for storing your real-world loot;
  • 10 Borderlands 3 character figurines: Make room on your shelf for the whole crew, including the four new Vault Hunters, the fanatical Calypso Twins, and some of your favorite characters from the Borderlands universe! (Approximately three inches tall.);
  • Sanctuary 3 snap model: Construct your very own Sanctuary 3 model ship and display it proudly on its included stand;
  • Four Vault Key keychains: Because you never know when you might stumble across an unopened Vault;
  • Cloth galaxy map: Discover new worlds beyond Pandora with Typhon DeLeon’s map of the Borderlands;
  • Five character art lithographs: Unique character prints starring the new Vault Hunters and fanatical Calypso Twins;
  • Borderlands 3 Steelbook case: A gorgeous metal case for any collector’s shelf.

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