‘F1 2021’ Removes 3D Audio For PS5 In Patch

'FI 2021' (Image: Formula One)

'FI 2021' (Image: Formula One)

F1 2021 recently removed 3D headphone audio for Playstation 5. The change comes as part of patch 1.06 for the title.

Codemasters, the developers of F1 2021, revealed the full scope of changes through a series of patch notes posted to Electronic Art‘s website. “3D Audio for headphones has temporarily been disabled on PS5. This will be re-enabled as soon as audio issues relating to it have been resolved,” the notes state. The exact reason for scrapping the feature has not been made public to this point.

F1 2020 had also removed ray tracing for Playstation 5 in patch 1.04. The game’s photo mode and replays utilized the feature, but it was by no means central. They did this because ray tracing was causing performance issues for select users on Playstation 5. Ray tracing was reintegrated in patch 1.05 for PS5.

The patch also fixed crashes that occurred in photo mode and the broadcast sequence. Ghosting was also enabled in ranked sessions, as several chapters in the game were rebalanced.

F1 2021 was released by Codemasters on July 16, 2021. Electronic Arts acted as publisher for the game. It is the official game for Formula One and Two’s 2021 championships. The title features a story mode and several new stages for racing. The story mode is known as Braking Point and features up-and-coming British racer Aiden Jackson. Some of the new stages include Jeddah and Imola.

Ray tracing is still present for the Xbox Series X and PC versions of F1 2021. Fans of the series will look for the reintroduction of the feature into the PS5 version of the game.

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