‘Tower Of Fantasy’ Releases Info On Drop Dates

'Tower of Fantasy'

'Tower of Fantasy'

Tower of Fantasy is coming soon and many gamers are bubbling with anticipation. The sci-fi MMO is getting ready to launch globally and has put out the dates and preload times for the release.

Although the game is already available to preload in many different regions on PC as well as Android and iPhone, many people are not aware of the correct download link, which is available on the game’s official website.

Soon there will be fewer hoops to jump through as the game will be available to play the game through Steam or the Epic Games Store. Those on MACOS or other platforms are out of luck as the preload is only available through Windows Client.



Once downloaded and installed, players can build their custom characters using the game’s avatar tools.

Don’t expect to go through the tutorial in your new digs, however. Players have to advance through the tutorial with the default skin but after saving and loading your custom present, you can now play the game as your custom avatar.

The game is described as an open-world RPG with broad levels of customization and contains a world filled with unique wanderers.

According to developers, TOF is “set in a dystopian sci-fi future on the planet of Aida where prototowers have been built to harvest Omnium, a resource that’s both precious but also responsible for transforming animals into monsters, it’s a central conflict as two factions have formed, one that is continuing the harvesting, and one that opposes it.

As for the different time zones for the release, they are detailed down below:

  • US Pacific Time – August 10, 5 pm
  • US Eastern Time – August 10, 8 pm 
  • UTC – August 11, 12 am (midnight launch) 
  • British Standard Time – August 11, 1 am

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