‘Mean Girls’ (iOS) Game Review

Mean Girls iOS

Mean Girls iOS

What day is it? If you ask any fan of the popular cult classic film Mean Girls, they will immediate blurt out October 3rd. Now fans can take the film on the go with a Mean Girls game on iOS that is so fetch.

Set after the events of the movie, the game plays in a tower defense style similar to Plants vs. Zombies. You can play as Cady, Regina, Gretchen and the rest of the cast as you try to defend the smashed homecoming tiara from a new group of Plastics, who want to put the tiara back together and divide the cliques once again. However, the cliques seem to be against this plan too, and you can enlist groups like the jocks, nerds, punks and many more to help you stop the Plastics. The game features power ups that you get from answering trivia questions based on the movie, as well as upgrades to help you battle through waves of Plastics.

The game does however suffer from a black screen glitch in its initial build, and the questions alienate those who have not seen the movie, making it difficult to gain power ups. It can also become quite repetitive after the second or third section, making it hard to play for extended periods of time. But, it is a great time waster for hardcore fans of the game and those that wear pink on Wednesday.

Download the Mean Girls game here (3.99 on the App Store)

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