‘Tinertia’ Game Review: A Fresh Approach In Side-Scrolling



With the rise of online gaming marketplace Steam and indie gaming, the market is flooded with games of all genres for fans to enjoy. However, for every success story like Five Nights at Freddy’s (and it’s confusing sequels and storylines), there is an Ecco Jr. (the sequel to one of the more beloved Sega Genesis games). As this is the case, like retail gaming, it’s very hit or miss in trying to find a gem, especially one not many have heard of. Enter: Tinertia.


Tinertia, published and developed by Candescent Games, was released in an initial build on August 19, 2014, but saw a worldwide release on Sept. 3 of this year. This side-scroller/platformer is set in a post-dystopian world (I think?) and as a composite junkyard robot, you… use your rockets to finish the level.

Okay so there isn’t an explanation on the story at all, your only goal is legitimately just finish the level, but what it lacks in storyline (it does), it makes up for in gameplay.

Honestly, the gameplay is actually very smooth and unique. You shoot rockets from your arm cannon at the ground to move (it sounds weird I know, just follow me here) as well as attack enemies. You can also use your rockets to wall climb by bouncing off the walls, as well as to give yourself an extra boost as you jump. I tried it on both a controller (Dualshock 4 Playstation Controller), as well as on your basic mouse, and while I prefer it on the controller (you use the analog stick to shoot in the direction you choose, akin to a more traditional side-scroller/platformer), using the mouse as a point-and click shooter works just fine.

The soundtrack also works wonderfully with the game to give that old-school loner vibe like the Metroid games used to do so well, however the songs are very forgettable.

My one and only true gripe with the game is the difficulty. As you are using rockets to move yourself, instead of the traditional run and jump that is the standard for most games, there is a learning curve that is steep even into the first world. As you move back and forth, it is insanely difficult sometimes to maintain your balance on the platform and you will die.. a lot. The game is also lacking a health bar (one shot kill) and there are no continues. Additionally, there are areas where you need to wall jump and jump on platforms to move from one area to the next and the mechanic is very frustrating to actually utilize with the rockets. One area that I found myself dying most often is the first boss. In classic side scrolling fashion, in order to beat the boss, you must either kill it or make it to the end of the stage (killing it is not even worth it to attempt because it moves faster the more you shoot at it; since you still need to run from it to stay alive, by the time its taken its fifth rocket attack, it’s moving at lightning fast speeds that you will not dodge), since it’s a bevy of wall jumps, speed-running and platforming all while dodging the boss and lava it is extremely difficult to make in the first 15 times.

Lastly is the replay value, there is a speed-run mode for the hardcore gamer (emphasis on hardcore) and a challenge mode to the end of the stage in a certain amount of missiles, both will keep those who need a challenge occupied. Unfortunately, there are no unlockables (from what I can see), but there are achievements for you to show off… so that’s fine if you’re into that.

All in all, it’s actually a relatively decent game, and I recommend it to those looking for a fresh new approach to the platformer/side-scrolling genre. You can buy Tinertia on Steam.

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