PlayStation 5 Is Entering Its Later Stage Of Lifecycle As Sales Fall

PlayStation 5 (Photo Courtesy Of Sony)

PlayStation 5 (Photo Courtesy Of Sony)

The tenth generation of consoles may be arriving soon as Sony cut their sales forecast for the PlayStation 5 earlier last week due to slower sales for the console.

After launching in 2020, the hardware had far surpassed its Microsoft competitor, the Xbox Series X/S, with almost 55 million units shipped as of December 2023. Although sales were limited in its first years due to the global chip shortage, the PS5 has been relatively successful during the past four years.

In a recent earnings release for the third quarter, Sony lowered the console’s sales forecast down from 25 million units to 21 for the coming year. Although the sales for their company’s gaming revenue had risen in 2023, Sony is choosing to balance “profitability and sales” with an expectation of the purchases for the console to “start falling” within the next year, Sony Senior Vice President Naomi Matsuoka told Bloomberg.

This news has been followed by the Song Group President Hiroki Totoki’s recent announcement regarding the company’s plans to not release any new major existing franchise titles before 2025, which has left fans of several franchises wondering if they will need to wait for a possible PlayStation 6 console announcement for any future content of their favorite series.

A lot of this speculation comes from the seven-year gap between the releases of the PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Sony is not the only company considering releasing a new console soon as Nintendo has recently been talking with publishers regarding a potential new console to replace the Switch line-up that has been rumored to possibly launch in early 2025. There have been no direct announcements regarding the console’s release date from Nintendo, but it has been confirmed to be both portable and able to connect to household television screens like the previous Switch device.

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