New ‘Overwatch 2’ Update On Projectiles Has Caused Chaos Within The Community

'Overwatch 2' (Image: Blizzard)

'Overwatch 2' (Image: Blizzard)

In this past month of updates for Overwatch 2, one major change to the game that Blizzard has recently implemented has left many fans both panicking and frustrated – the projectile bullets now have a larger hitbox which has made critical shots easier to hit.

Although they have made adjustments to player health to prevent one-shot kills for a lot of their heroes, many fans have stated their concerns about how easy it is to shoot other players now.

Blizzard has yet to release an official reason for increasing the hitboxes of bullets but it is assumed that this change will likely be further iterated as the game’s 9th season continues.

In terms of other new additions with this update, fans saw updates that upgraded the damage of several heroes’ weapons such as Junkrat, Illari and Zarya. However, they also Zenyatta’s health values from 100 to 75, a controversial decision that has led to anger from players who “main,” a term used by fans who play a certain character more often than others to where they study how they mechanically function for better play results, the hero.

Released on early access in 2022 and later fully launched over a year later worldwide, Overwatch 2 is the replacement for the previous 2016 first-person shooter that received heavy backlash regarding how Blizzard had shut down the servers of the original game upon the first season of the sequel.

Unlike the original game, this game relies on a battle pass system over loot boxes for microtransactions, which has been left with mixed reviews from gamers.

The game is currently free on several platforms both on PC and console, with the game’s 9th season having a new eldritch-horror battle pass that players can now buy with an upcoming collaboration themed around the cult classic 90’s anime, Cowboy Bebop, going to be released towards the end of the current season.

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