‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ To Run At 60FPS ON PS5

Ghost Of Tsushima (Image courtesy of Sucker Punch Productions)

Ghost Of Tsushima (Image courtesy of Sucker Punch Productions)

Ghost of Tsushima was already one of the best looking games on the PS4, and it’s about to look even better when the PS5 arrives. Announced on Sucker Punch’s official Twitter account, the studio revealed that Ghost of Tsushima will be backwards compatible with PS5 on the system’s launch date.


Additionally, you’ll be able to transfer your saved data from PS4 to PS5. But, the good news doesn’t end there. Those who enable Game Boost on PS5 will have the ability to run Ghost of Tsushima at 60 FPS, with vastly reduced load times. It’s currently unknown if the game will get an increase to full 4K, as opposed to the 1800p resolution that was available on the PS4 Pro.

Ghost of Tsushima was released on July 14, exclusively on PS4. A Co-Up Multiplayer Mode, Legends, arrived on October 16.  The PS5 will arrive on November 12 and be backwards compatible with nearly all of the 4,000+ games released on the PS4.


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