‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Update 1.1, ‘Legends,’ Arrives October 16

Ghost Of Tsushima (Image courtesy of Sucker Punch Productions)

Ghost Of Tsushima (Image courtesy of Sucker Punch Productions)

Ghost of Tsushima will be receiving its first major update this week. Releasing on October 16, Ghost of Tsushima will be getting New Game+ as well as the co-op mode that was teased after the game’s launch. The former will allow players to replay the campaign with all their upgrades and skills intact and will feature new trophies, armor loadout, play time indicator and much more. The game will also be receiving new filters and options to the photo mode.

But, the biggest new addition is the co-op mode, called Legends. Once you download the 1.1 update, you’ll have to download Legends in order to play it. “In Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, you can fight side-by-side with your friends, which is such an important part of fulfilling that samurai fantasy in a whole new way. We’re so excited to hear from everyone who teams up with their friends and jumps in,” explained Darren Bridges, Senior Game Designer at Sucker Punch Productions, in a blog post on PlayStation Blog. Legends will include 4 classes to choose from, including Samurai, Hunter, Ronin and Assassin. 

Legends will feature three modes of play: Story, Survival and Raid. Story Mode, which will have you and a friend playing in scenarios, as told by a new character named “Gyozen the Storyteller.” Survival Mode will have you and three other players team up to endure waves of challenging enemies, while Raid will be “an epic three-part adventure that will require excellent teamwork and communication to overcome.” Raid will be made available sometime after 1.1 releases.


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