‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Update 2.0 Adds Link From ‘Legend Of Zelda’

Mario in Super Mario 3D World

Mario in Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo)

Super Mario Maker 2 level creators now will not be able to play with a few new tools after the 2.0 update for the Nintendo Switch game was released on Thursday. The biggest surprise this time  is the addition of Link of Legend of Zelda fame. 

In the first Super Mario Maker, players choose one or multiple of the 150 different guises provided by a Mystery Mushroom. Those costumes that consisted of Link and others were mostly cosmetic. Now the set of abilities attained is estimated to restructure gameplay massively. 

Link can only be played on Super Mario Bros. courses with the use of powerup. He’ll retain his iconic Master Sword, which he can use to destroy his enemies. Link can protect himself using his shield and the use of bombs and his bow will also be available. This may be the closest players will be to a true Super Zelda Maker. Beyond the dungeon creator in Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake. 

The newest items available in the update include a frozen coin, which can be melted with the use of fire elements, including the angry sun and fireballs. When you smash the P Switches, you will soon realize that this activates or deactivates P Blocks as unbreakable platforms and barriers. In Super Mario 3D World Stages, players can also begin to see dash Blocks, which can provide a speed boost when stepped on. 

There will also be an addition of new enemies joining the game. Spike and Pokey the stacked cactus. They’ll have different abilities depending on the stage theme. For example, in snow levels Spike will launch snowballs instead. 

You can expect to check out another game mode as well in this update drop. Using timed Ninji Speedruns challenges in levels added by Nintendo, Ninji ghost versions will appear. These Ninji ghosts will be versions of players who have previously played that stage. The ghosts will match your playing level making it challenging for any player no matter the skill level. You will be ranked based on the quickness of your runs. 

Every challenge will be around for roughly a week. Players will have the option to redeem stamp rewards that will help unlocking Mii costumes. After the end of very event players can still play courses and attempt to beat the ghosts that can help unlock stamps. With the update live, you can try the speedrun challenges in Super Mario Maker 2 for yourself!


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