Gotcha! ‘Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice’ Will Join The Nintendo 3DS Library This November

Ace Attorney 4

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (Image: Capcom)

Grab your Nintendo 3DS and a bag of Snackoos! Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice is getting re-released for Nintendo’s 3DS family later this year.


Apollo Justice’s debut is the fourth mainline entry in the Ace Attorney series. It’s something of a controversial one, too, given its characterization of the series’ primary lead, Phoenix Wright. Regardless, it’s important to the chronology of the series, and I’d strongly recommend playing it before tackling the latest core title, Spirit of Justice.

As per the norm for the series’ re-releases, this iteration of Apollo Justice will benefit from the 3DS’s greater resolution, giving the graphics and animation more life. Furthermore, two language options – English and Japanese – are included. Aside from the obvious script differences, this’ll subtly change some of the set pieces, so Ace Attorney experts may yet discover something new in “Japanifornia.” Finally, speaking of series veterans, the ability to swiftly scroll through the game’s text will be available from the get-go.

I gave a more detailed summary of Apollo Justice when its smartphone re-release was announced last year, though I imagine most players are already familiar with the general plot. There’s much more I’d like to say about the game, but I’d rather you avoid any unnecessary spoilers. That said, I do stand by my previous assessment – it has its issues, but the fourth Ace Attorney provides an enjoyable time.

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice will join the Nintendo 3DS roster this November for $19.99. Upon its arrival, the entire core Ace Attorney experience can purchased for Nintendo’s handheld.

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