‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Is Out On iOS & Android

Alan Rickman and Daniel Radcliffe in the 'Harry Potter' films

Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) and Daniel Radcliffe in the 'Harry Potter' films

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the Pokémon Go of Harry Potter essentially. The famous GPS tracking app formula is back in a big way, allowing wizards to experience a video game of its kind and join famous Harry Potter factions. It was released early today for iOS and Android.

Remember when Pokémon Go first came out? It was the most popular game in the world, with all the gamers being forced to go outside to catch em’ all. The famous PokéStops were crowded with players on their apps trying to catch major, big-time Pokémon. Well, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite hasn’t had that exact same impact as of yet compared to its counterpart, but it has potential of its own.

The differences so far in this one is you can see other wizards on the map who are playing as well in your local area, which could cause some bonding experiences between players. There could be some issues in the iOS store as well, as if you type “Harry Potter” into your search bar, the game won’t come up. You have to type the complete game, which could be a little tedious. The game is still in its beta stage and could take some time to fix some bugs embedded in the game. There is some character customization as well, a small amount at that, but different color robes and hats is a start for a GPS tracking game like this. You can help Hagrid in some of your early missions, as well as help others around the world and go to special locations that are highlighted on the wizard’s map.

There’s no denying Pokémon Go was the first game of its kind to utilize a big-name brand, but Wizards Unite has potential, being in its own lane without being compared to its competitor. For instance, Pokémon Go isn’t near as what it is now compared to what it used to be. Wizards Unite has a chance to rekindle this type of mobile game franchise.

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