‘Fortnite’ 9.30 Patch Includes New Chug Splash And Vaulted Weapons


Fortnite (Epic Games)

It feels as if Epic Games is constantly changing and updating their fan-favorite battle royale. Let’s check out the newest changes to Fortnite‘s battle royale mode that came with its new 9.30 patch.

There will be downtime if you are downloading or updating on your console, whether it’s an Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch. The biggest news coming out of 9.30 is the new Chug Splash. The item works as a team healer essentially. It’s an area working healing item, meaning it splashes in a vicinity. Once it explodes, it will give those inside the circle of it being thrown a 20 point boost of health or shield. It works like a six-pack grenade. You can also throw it on yourself if you need it, it doesn’t just work on teammates. The new item is great for squads mode by helping team play become more essential in the battle royale. It’s also much quicker than applying a shield or bandages or other healing items. If you’re in a highly-intense fight and need some quick heals, the Chug Splash is your friend.


Other adjustments made in the 9.30 patch is the vaulting of three weapons in the game. Dual Pistols are being vaulted, as well as Dynamite. Both items have been in the game for multiple seasons but will be out for the time being. The Boom Pow, one of the more newer, more unpopular items, has also been vaulted.

If you were a fan of the “duel pump” back then, it might affect your play style now as the shotgun swap is delayed. If a player is carrying multiple shotguns, it will take longer to swap from one to another.

Also look out for more lingering Fortbytes, as if you collect all 100 of them scattered across the map, you’ll be in an exclusive party of those who witness a hint of what’s to come in Season 10.

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