Kate Bishop Is Coming To ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

Kate Bishop in 'Marvel's Avengers'

Kate Bishop in 'Marvel's Avengers'

Marvel’s Avengers is finally getting its first post-launch character added to the game’s roster. Recently, Square Enix dropped the latest War Table video that discusses the newest member of Marvel’s Avengers‘ cast of characters, Kate Bishop (Ashely Burch). First teased in September, Kate is shooting her way into the latest game based on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on December 8 free of charge. The addition of Kate will be the start of the first season of new content added to Marvel’s Avengers, as it will be the start of a brand new story for the game.

Taking place after the main campaign, Kate enlists the Avengers to aid her in locating her mentor and fellow member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Hawkeye, who will also be a playable character next year. The official blurb for Kate’s trailer explains that while searching for Clint Barton, “she discovers a conspiracy involving Nick Fury, time travel, and a frightening new enemy.”

Much like her teacher, Kate specializes in a range if combat, using her bow and arrows to fight against AIM and anyone else who is causing trouble. Some of her specialized arrows even allow her to teleport across the battlefield. Adding to her arsenal is her swordsmanship skills, with Kate having a special energy sword for anyone who gets too close to her. The trailer ends with a tease of what’s to come with Hawkeye while giving players a look at the game’s newest villain, Mesmoro, an alternate future version of the Hulk.

Along with the new content, Square Enix also assures fans that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game will arrive next year and be free for those who purchased the current version of the game.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A Google Stadia version of the game will be available sometime next year.

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