‘Layers Of Fear 2’ Review Roundup: An Eyrie Atmosphere With Predictable Outcomes

Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2 was released May 28th, and the reviews are in. The game is on Steam and console, with a retail price of $29.99. The game has around an eight to 10 hour runtime, bringing a sequel to the 2016 release.

Gamespot’s Richard Wakeling says that Layers of Fear 2 routinely uses typical horror tropes throughout the entirety of the game, opposed to something more original. What Layers of Fear 2 does well is establish a chilling atmosphere and a non-stop sense of dread. The score is brilliant, using string instruments to make the hairs on your neck stand and a chill down your spine. Unfortunately, the pace is lost, as these anxiety-inducing chills decline as the game progresses. It leans far too much on the tested tactics it uses earlier in the campaign. This is a major issue with Layers of Fear 2 as a whole, as the 10-hour playtime begins to bore you down as it loses its momentum. The story lacks engagement in the latter parts of the game and it feels repetitive. “Layers of Fear 2 feels lost at sea,” Wakeling writes, according to Gamespot.

For Eurogamer’s Vikki Blake, she agrees with Wakeling’s hypothesis. Your character is voiceless and nameless, making it near impossible to feel any sort of connection. There lacks emotion and general feelings. The major issue with Layers of Fear 2 is its recycled devices of scare tactics, often feeling too tropey. The deaths feel too scripted and unavoidable at times with your character, causing annoyance and irritation. The main character’s lack of urgency is baffling with a slow controller scheme that will have you dying unnecessarily.

IGN’s Steven Petite brings a new take to the discussion. Petite says that the world is interesting and kept him on the edge of his seat because of the vast, eyrie environment. The environment always kept him guessing throughout the 10-hour story. Layers of Fear 2’s clever environment-changing layout is remarkable and brings a nice edge to effective horror. Sound is just as important in Layers of Fear 2, as voices can be heard talking behind closed doors. The game brings upon multiple endings, but there is no clear process to get a different ending with a different play through. The game is carried by writing and a haunting atmosphere.

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