‘Team Sonic Racing’ Review Roundup: A New Take On Sonic Kart Racing

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing (SEGA)

Sonic is back after the release of the new Team Sonic Racing Game. The current retail price is $29.99, and some of the critical reviews are a mixed bag, ranging from a fun new idea that Team Sonic Racing has, to a lack of development and depth that a major Sonic game should have.

According to Kotaku’s Mike Fahey, Team Sonic Racing isn’t like your typical Sonic racing games, or any racing games. For example, though players can race alone in Team Sonic Racing, the game’s main focus and brand-new feature is team racing. Teams of three racers try and work together to win. It is a new take on the racing genre, with all three of you and your teammates finishing positions matter to your overall team performance. Fahey liked the fresh new idea the game brought, saying that the teamwork aspect adds the latest element and idea to an otherwise ordinary kart racing genre. The teammate trail ahead of you is a fun new aspect of competitiveness and the kart controls are compact and instinctual. You can feel the drifting and you obtain a speed boost if doing so, offering an awarding feeling. Overall, Fahey brought little to no criticism with Team Sonic Racing.

According to the Gamerant’s Dalton Cooper, Team Sonic Racing is best played when playing with you and your friends, but when players have to depend on the CPU, it can be annoying. Cooper goes on to say that there isn’t much to do outside of the new adventure mode, which explains why Sonic and the other characters are in this situation to begin with. Playing with human partners, Cooper and Gamerant says they found it too easy, while playing with the AI can be frustrating. Cooper says that Team Sonic Racing is one of the more weaker kart racing games he has played. Cooper recommends the upcoming Crash Team Racing remake that will be hitting the markets soon. He goes on to say that, “it’s hard to recommend Team Sonic Racing, even at its budget price,” according to Gamerant.

From Hollywood Reporter’s Jason Fanelli, Team Sonic Racing has some new, interesting decisions and bold new ideas that brings a different feel to kart racing. Kart and character customization, and the long-lasting “Team Adventure” mode give several reasons to put hours into this game. Fanelli says the story can be ignored entirely if desired, but brings a fun new adventure with Sonic. Fanelli recognizes that there will be a learning curve to those users not expecting the team based format (even though its titled Team Sonic Racing), there are ways to play classic racing in the new 2019 installment of Sonic and his karts.

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