Leaked ‘StarCraft: Ghost’ Build Allows Xbox Users To Download Game’s Files

Nova in combat in 'Star Craft'

Nova in combat in 'Star Craft'

Xbox just cannot seem to catch a break with all of the bugs that affect their console. A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that they will pay users a maximum of $20,000 to help squash online bugs. Perhaps Microsoft may want to reach out to more coders and cybersecurity experts, as videos and screenshots of Blizzard’s StarCraft: Ghost was leaked out to various online platforms throughout the month of February. This leak is incredible, because the game was originally made for GameCube, Xbox and PS2 consoles in the year 2002.

Much like the Twitter user featured in the space above, we will not condone nor confirm the leaked screenshots of the game. To further elaborate, the user may or may not have posted those links in his attached Twitter thread. The screenshots — that might be legitimate — contain retro, and pointy graphics that were featured in earlier video games.

One French Twitter user humorously replied to the original leak, stating that he found the game a month earlier. If this user’s screenshots are legitimate, then his were among the first leaks revealed to the world in early January.

The original poster of the leaked gameplay video on YouTube was forced to delete their original video. However, many other videos were made that compiled the unreleased game footage.

The gameplay footage reveals a basic alien-shooter game. Perhaps that is one reason why Blizzard did not release the game, many years ago. There aren’t large chunks of gameplay available to watch, but there are snippets of compiled clips across YouTube.

StarCraft may be one of many games that online users were able to leak, but many gaming fans are hoping for more leaks of their favorite old games.

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