‘Madden 22’: Ratings Revealed For Top Rookies, Wide Receivers & Edge Rushers

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EA sports will slowly reveal the Madden 22 ratings for top players in the league during the week of July 26.

This process was kicked off by a special presentation on ESPN at 12:30 p.m. EST on July 25. This event announced the overall ratings for the top rookies in the game:

  • 1. Kyle Pitts (TE, Atlanta Hawks): 81 overall
  • 2. Trevor Lawrence (QB, Jacksonville Jaguars): 78 overall
  • T3. Jaylen Waddle (WR, Miami Dolphins): 76 overall
  • T3. Patrick Surtain (CB, Denver Broncos): 76 overall
  • T5. Zach Wilson (QB, New York Jets): 75 overall
  • T5. Ja’Marr Chase (WR, Cincinnati Bengals): 75 overall
  • T5. DeVonta Smith (WR, Philadelphia Eagles): 75 overall
  • T8. Trey Lance (QB, San Francisco 49ers): 74 overall
  • T8. Justin Fields (QB, Chicago Bears): 74 overall

Elijah Moore (WR, New York Jets) was also revealed to be 73 overall while Kadarius Toney (WR, New York Giants) and Rashod Bateman (WR, Baltimore Ravens) are rated at 72 overall. Mac Jones (QB, New England Patriots) was given a rating of 71 overall.

ESPN will be releasing the top 10 players for each position on a daily basis along with a player who is rated 99 overall. On Monday, July 26, the wide receiver rankings were released, followed by defensive linemen and edge rushers on July 27. Running backs, safeties and quarterbacks will be revealed separately on July 28, July 29 and July 30. On July 30 at 7:30 p.m. EST, there will be a special Sportscenter episode in which all ratings will be revealed. Insight into the rating process will also be provided.

Davante Adams and Aaron Donald have already been announced as members of the 99 club, meaning they have 99 overall ratings.

The top wide receivers are ranked as follows:

  • 1. Davante Adams (Green Bay Packers): 99 overall
  • T2. DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona Cardinals): 98 overall
  • T2. Tyreek Hill (Kansas City Chiefs): 98 overall
  • 4. Stefon Diggs (Buffalo Bills): 97 overall
  • 5. Julio Jones (Tennessee Titans): 95 overall
  • 6. Michael Thomas (New Orleans Saints): 94 overall
  • 7. Keenan Allen (Los Angeles Chargers): 93 overall
  • 8. Amari Cooper (Dallas Cowboys) 92 overall
  • 9. Mike Evans (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): 91 overall
  • 10. Allen Robinson (Chicago Bears): 90 overall

The rankings for edge rushers stacked up in the following order:

  • 1. Myles Garrett (DE, Cleveland Browns): 98 overall
  • 2. Khalil Mack (OLB, Chicago Bears): 96 overall
  • T3. TJ Watt (OLB, Pittsburgh Steelers): 94 overall
  • T3. Chandler Jones (OLB, Arizona Cardinals): 94 overall
  • T3. JJ Watt (DE, Arizona Cardinals): 94 overall
  • T6. Cameron Jordan (DE, New Orleans Saints): 93 overall
  • T6. Von Miller (OLB, Denver Broncos): 93 overall
  • 8. Joey Bosa (OLB, Los Angeles Chargers): 92 overall
  • 9. Nick Bosa (DE, San Francisco 49ers): 90 overall
  • 10. Za’Darius Smith (OLB, Green Bay Packers): 89 overall

The top 10 defensive linemen were also revealed, as seen in this tweet by Madden’s Twitter:

Stay tuned for more Madden 22 player rating reveals.

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