‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ Released With A Focus On Multiplayer

'Mario Golf: Super Rush' (Image courtesy of Nintendo)

'Mario Golf: Super Rush' (Image courtesy of Nintendo)

Mario Golf: Super Rush recently released on June 25 for the Nintendo Switch. The game focuses on its multiplayer components, including both local and online options.

Super Rush is the first release in the Mario Golf series since 2014 when Mario Golf: World Tour released for the Nintendo 3DS. Moreover, it is the first console installment of the game in around 18 years, as Toadstool Tour was released for Nintendo’s Gamecube in 2003. These games, along with other Mario sports games, have been centered around playing with friends. In past generations, this has meant locally on the same console. Super Rush has adapted to the current standard, however, and touts online play.

There are multiple options for local play in Mario Golf: Super Rush. The game can handle up to four players on a single system. There is also a feature in which CPUs can fill in for players, meaning that 1-3 computer-controlled characters can face off against 1-3 human characters if desired. The modes available for local multiplayer include Standard Golf, Speed Golf and Battle Golf. Standard Golf only requires one controller, as players will take turns on swings. Players can also select motion or button controls.

The online multiplayer component functions similarly to local multiplayer, with some small differences and additions. Online multiplayer requires a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. Online multiplayer will prompt players to join a “room” or make one of their own. If they decide to create a room, they have full dominion over the rules and even have an option to set a passcode. Players will also be able to search for rooms by filtering for modes and rules or entering a unique “ID” code. Two players per system will be able to play online as well, allowing for teamwork between friends against online foes.

Mario Golf: Super Rush has received mixed reviews, with a Metacritic score of 75% percent. It is currently available for purchase in digital or physical forms.

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