‘Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite’ Reveal: Fans Get Relief They Needed

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel, baby! Marvel vs Capcom is coming back and if you’re not excited, you don’t know what you’re missing! No, really, you probably don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

The history of the Marvel vs Capcom series is deep, starting back in 1994 when Capcom first made X-Men: Children of Atom, a fighting game with Marvel-only characters. Naturally, the fighting game giant expanded this into their universe beginning the crossover series with X-Men vs Street Fighter before expanding the universes in both companies imaginative territories. After having more crosses than a paranoid Christian woman, Marvel vs Capcom 2 hit it big with a roster of over 60 characters and a hype train that wouldn’t stop. In fact, there’s still a competitive scene for the game after more than 15 years.

However, the real hype began when Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds came out in 2011. The new graphics and mechanics grabbed a larger audience than ever before, yet the combo system allowed for “one-touch kills” for most characters, or infinite combos that the entire cast couldn’t escape from or survive. In response, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released, and was perhaps the best Marvel vs Capcom game yet with 12 entirely new, iconic characters such as Doctor Strange, Phoenix Wright, and Hawkeye. The newly added characters and patches still retained the same problems, yet there were more patches coming out to rectify these issues. This is when the licensing agreement with Marvel ended, and not only were these patches never released, but the games and DLC were removed from the shelves entirely. For the first time, Marvel was never coming back, baby.

So now that the history lesson you never asked for or wanted is over, let’s talk about the trailer itself. The trailer itself gave fans the relief that they needed, knowing that two of the nerd-culture giants were back together once more. On the other hand, this trailer was kind of, how to I put this, “meh.” It’s great to see how Megaman X and Captain Marvel are going to be two new characters, but not much happens in the trailer, in comparison to the trailers for Marvel vs Capcom 3 which were a series of trailers that told an odd, yet charming, crossover story. Megaman X and Ironman’s lasers connect twice. Why twice? Great question. Really, I have no idea myself. It takes away from the whole “clash of powers” theme they have going on if they use the same effect twice.

This being said, the reveal of Ironman, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Ryu, Morrigan and Megaman X has resulted in a tidal wave of hype. The reintroduction of infinity stones (thanks for promoting Infinity Wars, Capcom the marketing company) has left us all with an exciting new mechanic to learn, as well as the anticipation for whoever the hell was in the last three seconds. People think it’s Ultron, but as I’ve said before, let’s not go crazy with fan theories here, let’s just focus on making fake Street Fighter V fan-art. Marvel is back to reboot the series we all thought they left behind, let’s hope Infinite takes us for a ride (no, that was not a dumb joke, you shut up).

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