Meet ‘OnShape VR’: A New Take On VR With Working Out

OnShape VR

OnShape VR

Virtual reality is becoming more prevalent in the face of gaming than ever before. With evolutionary technology now at our disposal, gaming is becoming a new tool in supplying entertainment and helping make us fit. Odders Lab is mixing bass thumping dance music with a sort of human Tetris feel in their new OnShape VR, making for a unique blend.

OnShape could best be compared to a Beat Saber like game, with fitting your body through a fast-paced game with dance music. But OnShape has its own take. Dodging obstacles, punching walls with the Joycon-type hand controls. You have to avoid obstacles at all sides of you coming at an insane high-speed pace.

The pulsing electronic music, combined with the virtual reality experience really immerses you into the game. There will be levels of difficulty within OnShape, with a competing scoreboard to compare you with your friends.

There is still little information about the game, but it seems pretty one-dimensional in terms of what it is going to offer: a fun blend of Tetris and Beat Saber.

OnShape is the new take in technology in staying fit and learning some new dance moves along the way. According to Upload VR, the movement styles implemented in the game were designed by professional choreographers. Each of the tracks will have three different difficulty levels to choose from and to test your reactions and moves. OnShape will launch on the Oculus Rift sometime this summer, with PSVR and Quest are expected to pick up the title later in 2019.

The developers will now be attacking an open, new virtual reality market that has an immense amount of options to use its ground-breaking technology to innovate something new.

This game seems to be a new, fun way to stay fit within the VR universe, a new take on virtual reality itself.

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