Nintendo’s Wii U Can Now Be Updated To Firmware Version 5.5.4

Nintendo eShop: Wii U Virtual Console Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Nintendo eShop: Wii U Virtual Console Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Nintendo’s stillborn Wii U endures as one of the least successful enterprises borne out of the Nintendo empire, and it’s one the Kyoto-based giant has largely moved on from. However, the console still occasionally receives a firmware update, and its latest one is now live.

Nintendo’s Support website doesn’t yet list the update. However, it reportedly brings the Wii U’s firmware up to version 5.5.4 and, if past updates are any precedent, it’ll add “improvements to overall system stability” with “other minor adjustments” being “made to enhance the user experience.” The previous firmware update was released back in September 2018.

Nintendo themselves are no longer developing titles for the Wii U, having moved on to the far more successful Nintendo Switch; the Switch, which launched almost two years ago, has nearly tripled the Wii U’s hardware sales. Several Wii U offerings, such as the excellent Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, have also been re-released on its successor. Additionally, Nintendo is reportedly working on revisions of the Switch hardware, something the company has yet to confirm.

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