Microsoft Teases ‘Minecraft’ AR App, More Info Coming May 17


Minecraft (Microsoft/Mojang)

Minecraft hails from humble origins, and it grew into one of gaming’s biggest, most widely available behemoths in the ten years since its initial launch. Microsoft and Mojang have a lot planned for their seminal brand, and an AR – augmented reality – iteration of the game seems to be among those plans.

On Monday, Microsoft published a video on YouTube titled, “What’s Minecraft up to?” It’s only a short tease, clocking in at 54 seconds, but it does give an idea what this new experience will offer fans.

The traditional version of Minecraft grants players a wide degree of freedom in how they construct their world, something this mobile take might not be able to emulate. Nevertheless, AR smartphone games can be successful despite (or perhaps because of) different approaches to familiar IPs, something proven by Niantic’s Pokémon GO. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft’s endeavor into this field goes.

Microsoft’s teaser promises more information is coming on May 17, and the series’ official Twitter account ensures “a lot of exciting” announcements are forthcoming.

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