Sony Does Not Anticipate A Delay In The Release Of PS5, Though Fewer Units Will Ship

PlayStation 5 (Photo Courtesy of Playstation)

PlayStation 5 (Photo Courtesy of Playstation)

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the postponement or cancelation of many important gaming releases this spring. One thing that as of right now is not expected to be delayed is the release of the PlayStation 5, which is set to go on sale to the public sometime later this year.

PlayStation’s manufacturer, Sony, does not anticipate a delay in the release of the anticipated fifth generation of the console series because of the pandemic. 

One thing that is rumored on Sony’s end is that they will be producing fewer units of the PS5 versus the previous model, the PlayStation 4. The company plans on shipping somewhere between 5-6 million units of the PS5 from its release through March 2021 to retailers. This would be down from the 7.5 million units shipped out in the same time frame following the release of the PS4 back in 2013.

Another anticipated difference between the PS4 and PS5 is the price, as it has been reported that because of the higher specs in the PS5, consumers should expect a higher price tag. It is rumored that it will cost $450 for Sony to manufacture one PS5, although the company has not confirmed either of these points.

Images of the PS5 have yet to be released, but Sony has already revealed some of the consoles new specs and released images of their new DualSense controller last week, and with production on the console set to begin sometime in June, it is likely a full reveal should occur sometime around then barring any setbacks. 

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