My Nintendo Rewards Update: August 2017

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Hey, it’s August! Let’s pay tribute to the beginning of the eighth month by (hopefully) spending our My Nintendo coins on some rewards. Star Fox and Kirby currently are the stars, but there’s a few other eye-catching titles on display, too.


Kirby rewards:

Star Fox rewards:

Other games you might’ve missed:

Both of the 3DS Kirby offerings will be delisted on September 1, whereas everything else will remain redeemable until November.

Star Fox Zero
Star Fox Zero for the Wii U (Image: Nintendo)

Personally, I’m considering getting acquainted with Mother, if you catch my drift. I’ve also been curious about Pandora’s Tower.

Also, I already own the first Dillon’s Rolling Western and, despite how great its characters and world are, the accompanying gameplay isn’t very engaging. If you’re curious to know more, here’s a synopsis I wrote about it over two years ago for a now defunct website:

Nintendo seems to have some affection for this series. Dillon was plastered over the 3DS eShop in its younger days, he got a Streetpass puzzle (first eShop title to have that honor, no less), and he’s an Assist Trophy in the newest Super Smash Bros. games. If Nintendo sees something in a series, then it’s probably good, right?

Nope. I’m about halfway through the game and I don’t have the motivation to keep playing. The way the game works is that you’re the wannabe cowboy Dillon. When you’re on the world map, it’s a tower defense game. You need to stop the Grocks from coming to town and eating all of the pigs. You can build towers and buy items to help. Once Dillon approaches a Grock, the game becomes a beat-em-up with some very redundant combat. The entire game is repetitive; you’ll know after the first in-game day if you’ll like it. They change the map and add new enemies, but that doesn’t change things up enough. I have heard that the sequel is a modest improvement.

It’s a shame. I really like Dillon and his world. I think they could fill a unique niche among Nintendo’s lineup. Hopefully the Red Flash gets to star in a good game someday.

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