Get Down With This Stardust Speedway Remix For ‘Sonic Mania’

The launch of Sonic Mania is nearing, and SEGA’s keeping our attention on their mascot’s promising side-scroller. They’re keeping our ears tuned in, too, having released another musical track, this time for the familiar Stardust Speedway.


Stardust Speedway is the Zone that most strongly represents Sonic CD, and Sonic’s reunion with its Past incarnation was confirmed in June. Earlier this week, however, SEGA uploaded the background theme for the biome’s first act.

As fans will notice, it’s a calmer take on the iconic melody. That may be somewhat inharmonious with the fast-paced nature of the aptly named Speedway, but it’s still refreshing. As per the standard set by Sonic 3 & Knuckles, every Act 2 will feature its own remix of its corresponding Act 1 track, so another round of Stardust Speedway is coming.

Tee Lopes is the composer behind Sonic Mania. He’s also a Sonic fan himself, as demonstrated by the following tweet:

Sonic Mania will launch on August 15, with the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC slated to obtain the game. If you’re somewhat apprehensive over buying a Sonic game, rest assured that I’ve pledged to review it!

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