‘NBA 2K21’ Adds NextGen MyTeam And MyPlayer Conversion – At A Price

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21

With the upcoming releases of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X this holiday season, new challenges are presenting themselves for games being released this year that have to handle being on two separate consoles. On Thursday, NBA 2k executive producer Erik Boenisch laid out the series plan for the console switch saying that you can recover your MyTeam and MyPlayer as long as you are sticking to just Playstation or just Xbox. But, like everything 2K has done in the past few years, they have managed to make this conversion a microtransaction. Unless you buy the Mamba Forever Edition, which is a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, you will have to pay for this feature since that edition immediately comes with a copy of the game for the next generation while the others do not.

Boenisch laid out the newest features of MyTeam, which ended up being mostly microtransaction based, detailing new features that allow you more customization and exchange options with your MyTeam cards and players along with a new season-based spec that is similar to BR’s like Call of Duty Warzone. “Some Seasons will add new content for you to play (think something like Spotlight Sims),” Boenisch said. “Other Seasons may add new features to the game, or add a reward twist that you will be chasing all Season. I really want each passing Season to feel fresh. I want the start of a new Season to create a buzz in the MyTeam community that we can all rally behind and be excited about.”


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