New ‘Halo Infinite’ Trailer Coming Soon

Halo Infinite Box Art Teases New Gadgets Ahead Of Xbox Showcase

Halo Infinite

Halo fans itching and scratching their skin away, pleading for new info about Halo Infinite can finally stop! Joseph Staten from the Halo Infinite development team posted a vague picture to Twitter Sunday showing off what many assume to be the makings of a new Halo Infinite trailer.

Since Halo Infinite went back in the game development oven late last year, 343 industries has kept their cards close to their chests about the future of the next-gen game. The trailer for Halo Infinite shown off in 2020 was heavily scrutinized to the point that some believe it influenced 343’s decision to ultimately delay the game.

I am very optimistic about what Halo Infinite can bring to the series, as footage and videos show the game has a different tone than games like Halo 5, which were more divisive among series fans. Infinite appears to be a return to form and is clearly influenced by the more classic games in the Halo series.

Players ought to keep an eye on Infinite. While delays can be annoying, they usually mean that the eventual game is better as a result. 343 Industries has not shared a firm release date for the upcoming interstellar adventure, but players can expect it to drop some time in 2021.

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