Nintendo eShop’s New February 23, 2017 Releases

Wow, next week is the big week! The Nintendo Switch arrives, which will add another family member to the Nintendo lineage. Sadly, I won’t be getting one at launch, but I hope you all enjoy your new toy. However, the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are still active, so let’s see what new games graced them this week. To the eShop!


Harvest Moon 64 was one of the more prolific installments in the long-running farm simulation series. You know how life on the field works: do your jobs, raise your animals, attend seasonal events, befriend the locals, fall in love…

Here’s everything Nintendo released on the eShop this week:

Wii U


  • forma.8 (MixedBag, $14.99)
  • Ghost Blade HD (2Dream, $9.99 – launches on Feb. 28)
  • Maze Break (nuGAME, $7.00)
  • Placards (JH Specialty, $1.99)
  • Vaccine (RNC, $9.99)
  • Harvest Moon 64 (Natsume, $9.99 – originally for the Nintendo 64)

Nintendo 3DS


  • Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D (CIRCLE Entertainment, $5.99)

Nothing listed above catches your attention? Check out what’s on sale. Indie darling Shovel Knight is offering a discount for the Wii U and 3DS versions of his title to prepare us for his upcoming Switch appearances.

Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey and Apollo Justice in their most recent adventure! (Image: Capcom)

Plus, venerable defense attorney Phoenix Wright is taking the stand as well! Capcom’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Dual Destinies and Sprit of Justice, all for the 3DS, are on sale. If you need some evidence as to the latter’s quality, then check out my review.

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