Nintendo eShop’s New January 26, 2017 Releases

It’s time for a Nintendo eShop update. Today’s releases are rather low-key if you don’t care for NES action games, but a few extracurricular events should spice things up. Plus, we have a few new toys to look forward to, right?


Flying Warriors is a brawler with two selectable fighting styles: one for a novice, and the other for aspiring gurus. Fight your way through four modes to stop the sinister Demonyx.

Kung-Fu Heroes portrays a declining kingdom in need of its princess. Unfortunately, monsters have abducted her. Jacky and Lee, two Kung-Fu masters, set out to save her. Take care as you brave the eight castles.

Little Ninja Brothers stars two brothers, Jack and Ryu. Billed as a “spiritual sequel” to Kung-Fu Heroes, the brothers’ ninja skillset will be invaluable as you restore harmony to Chinaland.

While it isn’t related to the eShop, Pokémon Duel has finally come stateside. It’s a free download for iOS and Android devices.

Speaking of Pokémon, the useful app Pokémon Bank received its long-awaited update! Trainers can now import their companions from X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire into Sun and Moon. Additionally, the 3DS Virtual Console copies of Red, Blue and Yellow are compatible, too. Finally, Bank subscribers will receive a gift for use in Sun and Moon: Mew’s exclusive Z-Crystal, Mewnium Z.

Furthermore, Fire Emblem Heroes, a mobile game Nintendo is more involved with, is coming on February 2. Support your favorite characters with the ongoing Choose Your Legends poll! Also, those with a Nintendo Account will earn bonus Platinum points for voting.

Here’s everything Nintendo released on the eShop this week:

Wii U


  • Flying Warriors (Cultrue Brain, $4.99 – originally for the NES)
  • Kung-Fu Heroes (Culture Brain, $4.99 – originally for the NES)
  • Little Ninja Brothers (Culture Brain, $4.99 – originally for the NES)

Nintendo 3DS


  • Candy, Please! (Nostatic Software, $1.99)
  • Word Search 10K (Lightwood Games, $7.99)

Nothing listed above catches your attention? Check out what’s on sale. Two Tribes’ Toki Tori for the Wii U and 3DS is a solid time-killer.

Will you download anything this week?

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