Nintendo Reveals New Content For ‘Super Mario 3D World,’ New Switch & Pins

'Super Mario 3D World' (Image courtesy of Nintendo)

'Super Mario 3D World' (Image courtesy of Nintendo)

Nintendo has shown off plenty of Mario love. On January 12, the company revealed new gameplay coming to the upcoming Switch port of Super Mario 3D World, a limited edition Nintendo Switch, and a set of new collectable pins based on every major 3D Mario platformer since 2002.

Kicking off this Mario love was the new content coming to Super Mario 3D World‘s upcoming port. As seen in the trailer above, a new open-world area is coming to the 3D World that allows Mario to do what he does best: jump. Throughout the trailer, we also see Mario dawn his infamous Tanuki outfit and catsuit, which allow him to hover and climb up obstacles, respectively. Additionally, a second player can jump in and take control of Bowser Jr. and help Mario by using his magic paintbrush to smack enemies and paint items via hidden drawings.

The trailer ends with Mario’s old foe, Bowser, returning this time as a monstrous giant with Nintendo’s mascot obtaining a new catsuit that transforms him into a giant Cat Mario with a Super Saiyan haircut to combat his arch-enemy.

Along with Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo revealed that a brand new Nintendo Switch would be coming alongside the game. This Switch is Mario-themed, with the console featuring red-and-blue coloring, with a red-and-blue carrying casing coming with it.

Both Super Mario 3D World and the Mario-themed Nintendo Switch will be available on February 12, 2021.

Finally, Nintendo unveiled new pins for fans to get their hands on. By completing a plethora of “Mario Missions,” fans will become eligible to obtain a set of pins based on every 3D Mario game from Super Mario Sunshine to Super Mario Odyssey. To partake in these Missions, you’ll need to buy Super Mario 3D World by April 1 and also get involved with upcoming events happening in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2.

Speaking of Splatoon 2, you’ll also have the chance to get your hands on a special Splatoon 2 X Mario coin by partaking in an upcoming Splatfest that will occur from January 15 – 17.

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